Paint Zoom
This machine is powered with a portable 650 watt motor that works faster and makes the painting work much easier.
Inr 3099
Inr 2099
Paint Zoom
Paint Zoom Platinum
It is powered with a portable 1000 watt motor that works faster and makes the painting work much easier.
Inr 2999
Inr 2399
Paint Zoom Platinum
4 in 1 Magic Paint Sprayer
4 in 1 Magic Paint Sprayer serves four different purposes which includes paint sprayer, vacuum cleaner, air blower and water sprayer.
Inr 4999
Inr 3999
Magic Sprayer
  • Horizontal

  • Vertical

  • Round

Paint Zoom - Best Painting Sprayer Machine

This sprayer is made up of simple to clean polymers and metal that helps painting of various surfaces in very less time. With spray gun machine, there is no need to use rollers and brushes. It provides smooth finish which looks very attractive. Paint Zoom offers simple one touch machine that delivers completely outstanding results. It has got the advance spray technology that allows peoples to reach to the tight corners and different angles of your surface with the 3-way direct dial spray head Maxine Whitaker.

This is an innovative spray machine that allows you to color all the different types of surfaces at home and get superb makeover. This fabulous invention helps in saving a lot of your time on painting and will provide you professional results. Now you can coat your home on your own only.

Paint zoom machine is powered with a portable 650 watt motor that works faster and makes the painting work much easier. Now peoples can easily complete painting to any room with attractive color in just few minutes without making any mess.

It might be utilized to our profits in numerous number of ways. You have seen customary painting strategies of convey extensive pails loaded with paint in one hand, and brush or step in other hand. When we make of this instrument, we can get complete flexibility from these normal methods. The brushes serve to be an incredible alternative for painting in bends. Still we will need to invest substantially more of an opportunity for gathering the undertaking totally. Rollers can offer us top of the line flawlessness when paint zoom India is utilized within the painting of level dividers. At the same time the same thing can't be attained when we utilize rollers to paint sides of a divider or bends. A large portion of the rollers takes a shot at hard cotton, and it retain a decent measure of paint.

Features of Painting Sprayer

  • Advance technology, delivers smooth and professional finishing.
  • Eliminates the need rollers and brushes.
  • Paint zoom sprayer is very easy to utilize.
  • Paint to reach easily in corners with ultimate spray head.
  • It makes simple for people to give the new color to home walls.
  • It is sufficient for smooth completion of paint on concrete dividers and different surfaces

Benefits of Paint Zoom Sprayer

  • It is simple in use.
  • Saves time energy and money.
  • Offers professional finishing.
  • It is light weight and portable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be used for long without any maintenance.

Product package includes

  • Professional spray gun
  • 650 watt turbine
  • 5' hose
  • 7' cord
  • Instructional DVD

How to use it ?

Paint zoom machine is easy to use and saves a lot of your time. All it requires is just simply pull to the trigger and it will deliver the adequate amount of paint to any surface.


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